Our School Outreach Coordinators work hard to ensure that students have the resources to progress academically. From providing students with tutors, to finding and creating quiet spaces where students can study, we do whatever it takes to create an optimal learning environment for our students. We also provide a wide range of information and opportunities for college-bound and career-minded students. Many of our kids have a limited frame of reference of what their careers can be, so an important part of our job is making them aware of the possibilities and encouraging them to “dream big”. From there, we help them understand and meet the requirements to ultimately achieve their goals.


Tutoring and Academic Assistance

School Outreach Coordinators at all eleven schools are available to assist case-managed students with their coursework during the school day, and may also work to connect students with an outside tutor or study program if they need additional support.

Advocacy & Credit Retrieval

School Outreach Coordinators help students to advocate for themselves in the classroom, and help students develop the skills needed to effectively communicate with teachers and administration when they are struggling academically. They also may help students in the credit retrieval process, to get them back on-track to graduate with their peers.