Behavioral Interventions

Many of our students face and overcome difficult obstacles in their lives. However, their survival skills aren’t always effective in the classroom or the work place. Our program teaches students positive ways to cope with anger, conflict resolution and other strategies to keep them focused on school. From one-on-one coaching and mentoring, to structured support groups, our hands-on approach helps student recognize patterns of behavior, break the cycle and see tangible improvements.


School Outreach Coordinators check in with case-managed students on a weekly to daily basis to monitor behavior inside and outside of the classroom. Their offices are often utilized as a cool down space for students who need a break from the classroom.  The built relationships between students and School Outreach Coordinators allow for open dialogue about the root of a student’s behavioral issues, and School Outreach Coordinators are able to help students develop strategies for addressing their misbehavior or risky behaviors.

Anger Management

School Outreach Coordinators work with students that need anger management support, to teach skills in problem solving, patience, persistence, self-awareness, and positive and effective communication. The School Outreach Coordinator at Thomas Jefferson High School also partners with Auburn Youth Resources to run an Anger Management support group, for students with similar issues to discuss challenges, successes, and strategies to control aggressive behavior.

Restorative Practice

The School Outreach Coordinator at Saghalie Middle School works with school administration to implement restorative practice, an alternative to punitive responses to wrongdoing. School-based restorative justice offers a more sustainable, equitable, and respectful alternative to dealing with misbehavior, from minor infractions to violence. It is also used as a proactive strategy to create a culture of connectivity and care where all members of the school community can thrive.