Family Engagement

We know that greater parental involvement in a student’s life promotes greater student success. But parents and guardians often face their own obstacles. Language barriers, busy work schedules, and other family obligations can keep caregivers from getting involved in their child’s student life. Communities In Schools sees family engagement as a crucial element to our success, and work to remove barriers that prevent caregivers from staying central in their child’s education. Our School Outreach Coordinators at all ten schools check in with families often, and connect them with counselors, social workers and other school and community resources as needed.

ELL Parent/Teacher Nights

The School Outreach Coordinator at Totem Middle School organizes a series of parent-teacher nights for English Language Learner (ELL) students and families. The event connects teachers and families to create a stronger relationship between them.

Resource Fairs

The School Outreach Coordinator at Sequoyah Middle School organizes a Resource Fair for families at Sequoyah and Todd Beamer High School. Various organizations and agencies from our community table during the event to connect families with resources and services they may not have known were available to them.

Parent Workshops

The School Outreach Coordinator at Sequoyah Middle School coordinates a positive-discipline parent workshop with grant funding from the Road Map Project. The workshop is designed to provide parents with a toolkit to empower them to educate, challenge, and support their teenager in an atmosphere of mutual respect. Through the workshop, administered by a certified trainer, parents learn how to use non-punitive discipline tools to avoid power struggles and motivate their teenagers.

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