Greetings from Grandma Pat!

We’ve come to a time in the school year that I need your help.  We have been successful (to this point) managing the resources and able to meet a variety of needs for our students. This Thanksgiving, our community was blessed by the LUCKY DOG GROOMING SALON . We were able to provide complete Thanksgiving dinners for 25 families.  They have committed in advance for support next year as well.  We are blessed.

For our Winter Holiday, Brooklake Church will step in an provide Holiday support for 25-30 families. So, I won’t ask for Christmas support or for you to adopt a family, the help we need is more immediate.  I need your help.  As you go about your Holiday celebrations, please remember our most vulnerable ones.  So often, we assume things are going well, when under the surface, they face challenges daily that are hard for us to imagine.  They need the village.  Please help us to make this winter holiday season a little brighter for our families. Thank you so much in advance for any contribution you can make!