Life/Social Skills

Life skills cover a broad range of topics – including personal health and hygiene, job attainment, money management, pregnancy/parenting support, and other essential skills such as how to study, how to manage time, and even how to set and achieve goals. School Outreach Coordinators teach students how to work together with others, interact with authority figures, and manage anger and other emotions. Mastering life skills helps students engage more effectively with others, resolve issues diplomatically and understand the importance of compromise, patience, and other social values.

Goal Setting/Monitoring

School Outreach Coordinators at all ten schools work with students to set an ABC (attendance, behavior, coursework) goal at the beginning of each school year.  They also work to identify more long term, post-graduation goals, and develop plans for reaching them.  School Outreach Coordinators check in with case-managed students on a weekly to daily basis to chart their path to success, monitor their progress toward their goals, and discuss current social/emotional challenges they may be facing. School Outreach Coordinators provide perspective, advice, and strategies to help deal with the varying life and social situations that our students experience and face.

Watch D.O.G.S

The School Outreach Coordinator at Lakota Middle School Coordinates Watch D.O.G.S. (Dads of Great Students), a volunteer program for adults to serve as an unobtrusive, natural security presence, and
as positive male role models for children at school.