Mental and Physical Health Support

Some students face emotional, behavioral, mental, and physical health challenges, either directly themselves or in their immediate family. Our School Outreach Coordinators are trained to help identity and reach out to kids and families who may need support services. Communities In Schools is committed to promoting good nutrition, physical activity, access to health services, and a healthy school environment. We work with our partner schools, as well as community organizations, to provide the best resources and referrals available to our students and families.

Social/Emotional Support

School Outreach Coordinators use a trauma-informed approach to providing social/emotional support for students whose home or school life may be in turmoil.  Students exposed to potentially traumatic experiences often demonstrate emotional and behavioral difficulties that dramatically interfere with their ability to engage in school. School Outreach Coordinators are able to connect students with mental health and counseling services through referrals to outside agencies and school-based supports.  School Outreach Coordinators also create a compassionate and encouraging environment, and work with students to gain coping and emotional and behavioral self-regulation skills, to help keep them engaged in school and on-track to graduate.

Physical Health

The School Outreach Coordinator at Thomas Jefferson High School works out with students after school to promote healthy physical habits and allows students to work on their P.E. credit retrieval to be able to graduate on-time.

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Parenting, Pregnancy, Sexual Health Support

School Outreach Coordinators provide students with support, information, resources, and referrals for parenting, pregnancy and sexual/reproductive health needs.