Introducing a new life into the world is an amazing part of the human experience. Although, having a baby can place added challenges and obstacles to success at any stage of an individual’s life. Laura, a senior at Truman Campus, worked to overcome innumerous added challenges to her school success delivering a beautiful baby girl […]

Navigating through intense grief can be a barrier in every aspect of a person’s life. Alexis, a senior at Decatur High School, was faced with such a challenge while also overcoming new challenges created by the pandemic. Alexis had recently experienced a tragic family loss with the death of her brother.  Shana Ludwig, our School […]

Duncan, a senior at Thomas Jefferson High School, was referred to our School Outreach Coordinator, Tre Howard, because of missing credits and lack of effort in classes. Duncan is an ELL student (English-language learner), and is faced with many challenges with the added barrier of language proficiency.  Tre and Duncan began working on time management, […]

Isaiah, a senior at Federal Way High School, was referred to Communities In Schools by his counselor at the start of his high school journey in 9th grade. When Isaiah first began working with our School Outreach Coordinator, Gina Forest, he was overcoming a family tragedy. Isaiah was in the midst of emotional turmoil experiencing […]

Katherine, a senior at Highline High School, was faced with circumstances in her home life that required her to travel a few times during her school year. Katherine became acquainted with our School Outreach Coordinator, Sadie Strain, when she reached out requesting items for her family. Sadie was happy to assist Katherine with the supplies […]

Genesis, a senior at Todd Beamer High School is celebrating her achievement, overcoming barriers to reach graduation with her class. When our School Outreach Coordinator, Cierra Gamble, started working with Genesis, she was behind in credits and at risk of not graduating. Cierra and Genesis set out on this journey together two years ago.¬†Over the […]

100% of CIS seniors graduated! Congratulations to all 37 of our graduates from Communities In Schools of Federal Way – Highline. In spite of the crisis in public health, racial justice and economic uncertainty each of you worked to overcome any barrier; Stand tall and celebrate your success. We are so proud you!

Powerful Artwork This month we had two wonderful stories submitted by our School Outreach Coordinators, showcasing the power art can have highlighting social justice work and school climate. Sadie Strain at Highline High School shares her powerful story, working with a 9th grade student to launch a virtual art gallery. The art showcase called Beauty […]

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