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Martin Luther King Assembly Our School Outreach Coordinator, Shana Ludwig, at Decatur High School, had one student who stepped forward and took the lead. This student helped put together a presentation for Black Student Union to take part in the school’s Martin Luther King Assembly. Shana shared that the student was able to research the […]

Together, as a community you have supported us in serving 53,000 students with whole school supports, 3,700 case-managed students with individualized support, and 650 mentored students. 97% of our students graduated, 81% improved attendance, 93% improved behavior, 91% improved coursework. Thank you to all who have given your time, talent or treasure over the last […]

Checkmate on Life Lessons Our School Outreach Coordinator, Supreme El-Bey, at Kilo Middle School, had the opportunity to connect with students by playing chess. Supreme utilized this opportunity to use chess as a metaphor for navigating life. He noted that many of the students he interacts with are experiencing difficulty managing their emotions. So, he […]

Self Reflection “I am beautiful from the inside out,” is the mantra of the after school girls group at, Illahee Middle School. Our School Outreach Coordinator, Pat Perkins, currently has over 30 girls registered. Last month the girls worked on their ‘self-reflection’ portrait. They are exploring “self” through art, service, music, sports, and poetry. The […]

2018-2019 By the numbers 465 case-managed students received individualized support 8,995 total students served with school-wide supports 15 schools served in the Federal Way and Highline School Districts 60 partner organizations benefited students in need 6,326 hours served by committed volunteers 50 students mentored by a community volunteer 2018-2019 Results 99% of students stayed in […]

Haben, an 8th grader at Sequoyah Middle School, initially found Communities In Schools through her friends, as several of them were involved in services. Her friend group was often wrapped up in drama that would pull them out of class and require multiple meditations from our School outreach Coordinator, Alicia Vasey-Nielson, to sort out. After getting […]

Samad is a young man who came to Lakota with significant trauma in his past. These traumas, along with having been skipped up a grade level presented a young 6th grade boy with major behavior issues. He was extremely impulsive and disruptive in class, frequently calling out things and interrupting others and even his teachers. He […]

Adriana, an 8th grader at TAF@Saghalie was referred to our School Outreach Coordinator, Kimberly Foster, because of her low attendance and things that were going on at home that affected her performance at school. She had missed a lot of days, and as a new student, had yet to find her place at the school. […]