Martin Luther King Assembly

Large group of students dressed in all black holding signs during King Assembly Presentation.
Female student with sign at King Assembly. Sign reads Taylor Ester 5-31-19.

Our School Outreach Coordinator, Shana Ludwig, at Decatur High School, had one student who stepped forward and took the lead. This student helped put together a presentation for Black Student Union to take part in the school’s Martin Luther King Assembly. Shana shared that the student was able to research the data surrounding officer involved deaths within the people of color community. The student even organized her classmates and some staff to help display some of the victims and the data surrounding their deaths for the presentation. 


Our School Outreach Coordinator, Amanda Martinson, at Federal Way High School, went with a group of students on the IGNITE field trip. IGNITE stands for Inspiring Girls Now In Technology Evolution. The group went to Microsoft in Redmond to learn more about coding and careers in the STEM field. Initially, Amanda was only allowed 20 spots, however due to high interest she was able to secure and fill 10 extra spots! The trip was a huge success and wonderful to see so many girls excited to learn about how to code. The group left feeling motivated and confident that girls can go to college and do coding jobs or anything else they put their mind to! 

Student working on computer.
Group of students at presentation sitting at desks with computers.

Bundle Up

Warm jackets hanging in office.

With the weather getting much colder, our School Outreach Coordinator, Amber Rowe Mosley, at Thomas Jefferson, put focus on providing students with much needed warm clothes. She made sure to have coats, hats, and gloves easily available for students to take as needed without feeling like they need to ask. A coat drive at the school and several community donations have already given upwards of 30 coats this winter to students and their families to bundle up and stay warm!  

Partnerships in Success

Our School Outreach Coordinator, Cierra Gamble, at Todd Beamer High School, joined school administration working on Partnerships in Success.  The program, Partnerships in Success, helps teach students organizational skills, self-advocacy and much more. She is working with administration to help support students that are failing more than 6 classes. Cierra is looking forward to seeing how Partnerships in Success will help the students. 

Flyer for Partnerships In Success.


Our School Outreach Coordinator, Gina Forest, at Todd Beamer High School, paid homage to one of our great leaders Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with her SOAR group (Students’ Organized Against Racism). The group watched a video of Dr. King called Blueprint. The video speaks to the teens about the importance of staying in school, knowing who they are, and being proud of the person that they are becoming. It also speaks to choosing to build and not tear down in a nonviolent way. After the video, the teens wrote their own “blueprint”. By doing this exercise with the students it gave them something to look forward to in life. They left encouraged, ready to take control of their actions with peace & love! 

School Outreach Coordinator, Gina Forest, at Todd Beamer High School, and SOAR student holding their "blueprint activity.

Game On

Since the end of their 6th grade year, our School Outreach Coordinator Makenna Lester, at Sequoyah Middle School, has been meeting with her boys’ group once a week to work on social skills by playing board games. Some of the skills they focus on are sharing, using kind language towards one another and themselves, and taking turns. Lately, the boys have been really into playing UNO. Some of their games can be intense and last the whole group session! 

UNO card game being played.
Students sitting together playing UNO.

Home Again


Our School Outreach Coordinator, Alexis Jordan, at Totem Middle School, was excited to come back from winter break to see her students again and was met with an overwhelming sense of warmth from the kind words of her students. One such student walked into her office and the first thing they uttered was, “wow, it feels so good to be home again”. Alexis was overjoyed to know that her office is a safe place of belonging that gives students a place to relax, breathe, be themselves, and get what they need. 

Rainbow Connection

Our School Outreach Coordinator, Robert Daniel, and Communities In Schools Intern, Socorro Gutierrez, at Lakota Middle School, have been working hard to organize and create an LGBTQ+ support group called Rainbow Connection. The club meets to create a safe space for all students to be themselves and express what is going on in their lives in a supportive environment. They also strive to organize and put their leadership skills to the test to help make their school safer for all. The group is currently working on a plan for kindness month coming up in February and for a Day of Silence in April. 

Flyer on bulletin for Clubs: Rainbow Connection Safe Space where all Lakota students can feel welcomed, supportive and freely be themselves. Free food will be provided Activities, field trips, and much more!

Homework Club

Students sitting at desks working on homework.
Students sitting at desks working on homework.

Our School Outreach Coordinator Fatou Bah, at Tyee High School, has forged ahead leading homework club. After winter break, they noticed many 9th grade students were failing. Due to this the principal approached Fatou to lead a homework club. Fatou was excited for the opportunity to help these students and even more excited to report the club has been going great. Students are showing up and working very hard. She also checked up on students throughout the week and most of their grades have already improved! 

Beautify Our School

Thank you to our wonderful Community Partner, Brooklake Church, for your Community Outreach Team’s efforts to beautify Illahee Middle School. Our School Outreach Coordinator, Pat Perkins, reported the two-day project to be a wonderful success. Over two Saturdays, Brooklake Community Outreach Team painted the entry to the gym and all the boys’ and girls’ bathrooms. 

Group of students on stage, holding colorful hand drawn posterboard letters that spell out, “Thank you Brooklake Church”.
Purple painted bathroom stalls.

Reaching Goals

Career Academy Internship =100% March 6th. Current Percentages =88% as of January 17th (Internships, PSSC, AJAC Program)

Our Experiential Learning Coordinator, Markese Walker-Brown, at Truman Campus, is excited to report with the addition of Puget Sound Skills Center & the new Aerospace Apprenticeship Program, the amount of students with internships have increased! The Career Academy now has 88% of their students involved in amazing experiential learning opportunities. Their goal is to reach 100% of Career Academy Students with internships by March 6th, and they are on track to meet that goal. Way to reach high!  

Snack Attack

After a brief snack shortage, it’s raining treats and snacks at TAF@Saghalie!  Thanks to one of their newest volunteers using community partnerships to bring in more support for snacks, they are stocked up. Our School Outreach Coordinator, Kimberly Foster, is excited to report thanks to a very generous donation, they have been able to feed three times as many kids. They have also been able to support a small 6th grade math group who receives extra attention. Kimberly was eager to tell us the group almost fell out of their chairs in excitement for getting a snack and each student shared what they had learned in math before they enjoyed their snack break.  

Box of snacks.

Madrona Morning News Team

Banner with colorful handprints that reads Madrona Morning News Team

Our School Outreach Coordinator, Precious Yarborough, at Madrona Elementary, tells us the story of 5 stand out students who helped put the spotlight on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. In honor of Martin Luther King Day, 5 students from The Madrona Morning News Team came together to research and share the story of the Children’s Crusade of the Civil Rights Movement. At January’s school-wide assembly, these five students shared the Children’s Crusade story, to bring to light the impact that children can have in politics and social movements. The Madrona Morning News Team is ever evolving and now much more than sharing simple morning announcements. It has drawn students in and become a platform for engaging students in world issues, sharing art, sharpening public speaking skills, improving literacy, and even helping students to navigate the dynamics of working in groups. 

WE Day

Our School Outreach Coordinator Alicia Vasey-Neilson, reported a great turn out for Sequoyah at the WE Day event. Fifty-four Sequoyah Middle School students, attended WE Day on January 29th, at the PAEC in Federal Way. At the WE Day event students learned about ways they can make social change in their communities, heard from local change makers, and even got to watch performances by the dance group Kreativmndz and singer Kechi Okwuchi from America’s Got Talent. The students left the event energized and ready to take action to change the world!

Four students in sweatshirts, sitting in a row, smiling for the picture.
Auditorium of students watching presentation on stage.

Rain or Shine Welcome

Community Partner handing out granola bars to the students in the rain.
Pile of granola bars with a sticker that says, "Welcome Back from your neighbors at Southminster Presbyterian Church."

Thank you to our awesome Community Partner, Southminster Presbyterian Church, for coming out to welcome back our students, at Highline High School, after winter break. Our School Outreach Coordinator, Marcela Arreola, shares the story of this wonderful act of kindness and support. The Southminster Presbyterian Church brought some of its members after winter break, on an early Monday morning in the rain, to hand out granola bars to the students as they arrived at school. To add that special touch, each of the granola bars had a sticker that said, “”Welcome Back from your neighbors at Southminster Presbyterian Church.” The students and staffed loved the gesture. What a welcome back treat! 

Stronger Together

Cameron Enoch, one of our newer School Outreach Coordinators, at Sacajawea Middle School, was excited for the opportunity to learn from a more veteran coworker by shadowing School Outreach Coordinator, Pat Perkins. Pat was more than happy to help Cameron on his journey as a learning School Outreach Coordinator and support him in any way that she could. He was able to learn a plethora of new and different ways to approach the amazing work that Communities In Schools strives for each and every day. Cameron came back to Sacajawea Middle School, more driven than ever, with new tools, tricks, and tips, that he learned from Pat. Way to go team!  

School Outreach Coordinator Pat Perkins working with student in CIS office.

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