Men Of Change

“Men of Change: Power. Triumph. Truth.” a new traveling exhibition from the Smithsonian was open at the Washington State History Museum in Tacoma from December 21, 2019 through March 15, 2020. Our School Outreach Coordinator, Pat Perkins, secured sponsorship from the Washington Historical Museum to organize a Communities In Schools field trip to the exhibit.

Group phone of students at the Men of change exhibition.
Students viewing exhibit for Men of Change.

“Men of Change highlights men such as Muhammad Ali, James Baldwin, Ta-Nehisi Coates, W.E.B. Du Bois and Kendrick Lamar, whose journeys altered the history and culture of our country through politics, sports, science, entertainment, business, religion and more. Each biography is paired with original artwork by noted artists.” On the field trip the students took time to explore all the exhibit had to offer and even had a group picnic outside.  

Student standing by sign for Men of Change exhibition.
Large artwork on wall of hands reaching out with student standing in front arm outstretched.

On March 3rd a group of 77 students and chaperones had a chance to experience the Men of Change exhibit. This group was comprised of students from five different schools including School Outreach Coordinators Pat Perkins, from Illahee Middle School, Cameron Enoch, from Sacajawea Middle School,Kimberly Foster, from TAF@Saghalie, Amber Rowe Mosley, from Thomas Jefferson High School, andMakenna Lester, Sequoyah Middle School.

Three students and school outreach coordinator, Pat Perkins, stand for photo in front of artwork.

2020 NW Conference on Childhood Grief

Our School Outreach Coordinator, Amber Rowe Mosley, at Thomas Jefferson High School, attended the 2020 NW Conference on Childhood Grief in early March. The conference had several breakout presenters whose materials will directly influence the work she does with students at her school. A critical part of the conference focused on Compassion Fatigue and how care takers can practice self-care in the midst of working with trauma. Amber was able to bring back the information and share it with School Outreach Coordinators who could not attend. One of the great resources discussed at the conference was a book by Laura van Dernoot Lipsky titled, “Trauma Stewardship: An Everyday Guide to Caring for Self While Caring for Others”. 

Projector screen with slide from presentation. Text reads, "Trauma Stewardship", By Laura van Dernoot Lipsky.


Students standing around the room holding a web of string.
group of students standing in a circle holding yarn. Yarn is crisscrossed and intertwined across the room resembling a web.

Our School Outreach Coordinator, Alexis Jordan, at Totem Middle School, led the Scholar Voice Collaborative group in a unique spider web activity, Totem edition. The activity started with one student holding ball of yarn in their hand, who was then asked a question about Totem. For example, “what teacher makes them feel the most welcomed?” After each student answered their question they then held on to a segment of yarn, and threw the yarn ball to another student to answer their own question. The activity continued until each of the students were holding onto a piece of yarn. This activity signified that everyone’s voice was heard, and that everyone contributed to what they thought made Totem better. 

Nothing but Net

In early March, our School Outreach Coordinator, Marcela Arreola, at Highline High School, worked together with couple of organizations on campus in helping coordinate a Basketball Tournament. A big thank you goes out to Para los Ninos who donated all the prizes for the tournament. Becoming A Man (BAM) supported the event by refereeing and handing out pizza, which was provided by Highline High School’s Resource officer. Over 50 students come by after school to participate or support their classmates. What a fun way to bring in community partners and support our students.  

School Outreach Coordinator, Marcela Arreola, standing with a group of four students in gym clothes holding up red ribbons.

Sunday Dinner

Plate of food.

Our School Outreach Coordinator, Shana Ludwig, at Decatur High School, rewarded a group of students by hosting a “Sunday Dinner” style meal for lunch. It was an overwhelming success! With an abundance of food brought in for the event, they were able to feed 80 students and staff members. Students who were invited to participate in this special reward were given tickets for entry to partake in the “Sunday Dinner” lunch time event. Since there was an overabundance of food available, Shana expanded entry to the event to include students who were willing to show they were receiving good grades in exchange for a ticket to attend. News spread like wild fire throughout Decatur. Students came by the CIS office introduced themselves and traded grades for a lunch ticket. Shana remarked on how great it was seeing how excited the students were to show her the grades and how excited they were to have a home cooked meal. 

Positive Messages

A message of positivity spread throughout Sequoyah Middle School! Our School Outreach Coordinator Alicia Vasey-Neilson, met with her 6th grade girls’ group at the beginning of March. The group decided they wanted to focus on spreading some kindness in the school. To do this the girls came together and wrote positive messages on sticky notes. Then to get the word out, they posted the sticky notes around the whole school! Way to stay positive!  

Group of students sitting at a table writing on post-it notes.

Woke Women

Our School Outreach Coordinator, Cierra Gamble, at Todd Beamer High School, led her girls group called “Woke Women” in an activity making their own self-care boxes. The group is an outlet for the young ladies to share their stories and experiences of being a women in today’s world, and lean on each other as they navigate life as a high school female. The girls in the group had a lot of fun creating boxes that reflect their own personality and then filled them with goodies. Cierra also gave time for the group to talk about the importance of self-care. 

Small zipper bag that says Live happy.
Group of students sitting around covered table with craft supplies working on project.

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