Self Reflection

“I am beautiful from the inside out,” is the mantra of the after school girls group at, Illahee Middle School. Our School Outreach Coordinator, Pat Perkins, currently has over 30 girls registered. Last month the girls worked on their ‘self-reflection’ portrait. They are exploring “self” through art, service, music, sports, and poetry.

The A-ppreciation Team

Our School Outreach Coordinator, Marcela Arreola, at Highline High School, was honored at staff appreciation night held by the Highline Pirate football team, where football students hand out their jersey to staff members who have had a meaningful impact in their high school career. Along with the jersey the student who honored her wrote Marcela a letter that said, “You have supported me by helping me out with college things. Something I will always remember about you is that you are always kind to me.” This act by a student both excited and reassured Marcela that she is doing exactly what she needs to be doing, being there for our students.

Keep Calm and Meditate

Lakota Middle School has been working on taming stress and anxiety through meditation! Our School Outreach Coordinator, Robert Daniel, is leading the charge with Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning group meditation sessions. Eight Students come to attend morning meditation and have reported feeling relaxed, happy, and ready to face the day. The popularity of the morning mediation has prompted Lakota staff to request the model and Robert will be training teachers to relax and prepare themselves through meditation. The principal has even expressed interest in making it a school wide practice in classrooms, where Robert would have his morning meditation students act in leadership roles for implementation across the school.

Lunch Brunch Connections

Our School Outreach Coordinator Makenna Lester, at Sequoyah Middle School, continued her 6th grade “Lunch Bunch.” This is an opportunity for students to have a space to meet for lunch, meet new people, make new friends, and connect with one another. Students can pick up a bracelet pass on their way to lunch, then come back to the CIS office to play games, connect, and catch up with their School Outreach Coordinators. Makenna recalls one lunch brunch where the students decided to play Jenga and stacked the tower super tall! Way to connect!

College Bound

Two of our School Outreach Coordinators, Amanda Martinson, at Federal Way High School and Gina Forest, at Todd Beamer High School, chaperoned two field trips to nearby Universities, Western Washington University and University of Washington Tacoma. The students were exposed to opportunities and programs, getting excited about going to college and furthering their education. Since Amanda is an alumni of University of Washington Tacoma she had a great platform to share memories and experiences with the students, encouraging them to apply. Both field trips were great opportunities to engage students who may not have thought college was an option for them to see some of the opportunities and resources that are available for their future.

Reconnecting with Students

Our School Outreach Coordinator, Supreme El-Bey, at Kilo Middle School, witnessed an inspiring joyful display of student connection to Communities In Schools when Ariassa Wilson; the former School Outreach Coordinator came for a visit. Ariassa reconnected students that she poured so much into for several years at Kilo. The love and appreciation was immediately evident in the way that she embraced the students and how those sentiments were reciprocated by the students.

New Horizons

Our Experiential Learning Coordinator, Markese Walker-Brown, at Truman Campus, had one student break out of their shell to shine in a new way, securing an internship with Sea Mar Community Health Centers. Throughout the process of getting to know the student Markese noted, the student is usually very shy and reserved. By working together and diving deep Markese got to know the student’s passions and interests. Securing this internship highlights the students’ efforts in stepping out of their comfort zone. This is one junior that is charging towards graduation with exciting and important opportunities on the horizon.

Scholar of the Month

Our School Outreach Coordinator, Alexis Jordan, at Totem Middle School, is excited to announce 100% implementation of Scholar of the Month. Teachers send in nominations to Alexis and then are able to cast their votes. The endeavor was successful with October’s scholar of the month displayed proudly for all of November.

Winter Break Success Night

Tyee High School is gearing up for Winter Break Success Night! Open House and Success Night gives families the opportunity to meet with their student’s teachers, check their grades, take home assignments that they are missing as well as take home resources such as clothes and food. Our School Outreach Coordinator Fatou Bah, is busy making preparations for the event. It is one of their most successful nights and this year will be better than ever! They have a goal to reach more than 300 families. 

Basic Needs

Our School Outreach Coordinator, Amber Rowe Mosley, provided food and several other resources for Thomas Jefferson High School families who attended report card conferences in November. The free resources also helped spread the word about the positive impact Communities In Schools is having on our young people in the Federal Way School District.

The school nurse at Sacajawea Middle School has coordinated care package donations for students. The nurses created feminine hygiene care packages for the girls of Sacajawea, including bras and underwear. Additionally, they also included basic needs supplies such as toothpaste and hair gel for not only the girls but the boys as well. Our School Outreach Coordinator Cameron Enoch, is eager to provide support to all the students who are in need of these supplies. 

Relationship Talk

Our School Outreach Coordinator, Cierra Gamble, at Todd Beamer High School, opened the dialog about relationships during her “Woke Women” group. The girls in the group talked about healthy, unhealthy and, abusive relationships. Throughout the conversation they identified warning signs of unhealthy or abusive relationship.  Many of the girls in the group felt comfortable enough to share experiences they had and spoke to how they could use the information to help their friends if they saw any warning signs. Cierra noted how amazing it is to see the girls gain confidence around this topic.

Spotlight Showcase

TAF@Saghalie artists have their own showcase at Eagle Tire and Automotive in Federal Way as part of the FWPS Scholar Art in the City program. Our School Outreach Coordinator Kimberly Foster, helped give these young artists a spotlight by making the arrangements for the display in partnership with FWPS. CIS helped select 10 pieces from 8 students. The 7th graders are showing off their drawing and sketching skills, while high school students displayed their mastery of photography.

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