During DiscoverU Week, Our School Outreach Coordinator, Alexis Jordan, at Totem Middle School had students design a t-shirt with the college they want to go to and why they want to go there to get them excited and thinking about their future!

School Outreach Coordinator, Alexis, standing for a large group photo with students outside the Totem Middle School entrance, all wearing University T-shirts.

We the Future

Four students standing in front of wall art exhibit with large text reading, We the future.
Group of students and Communities In Schools Staff in front of large outside framed poster. Poster has a panting of a woman to the left and the text, We the future, young leaders of social change to the right.
Group of students sitting around a large room watching a presentation. A projector screen is at the front of the room and displays We the Future with the presenter standing to the left of the screen.

Our School Outreach Coordinator Amber Rowe Mosley, took members of the Thomas Jefferson High School SOAR (Students’ Organized Against Racism) team to the community celebration of the WE THE FUTURE exhibit at the Bill and Melinda Gates Discovery Center in Seattle. Our School Outreach Coordinator, Pat Perkins also took students from Illahee Middle School. The event highlighted several young activists from across the nation. The exhibit encourages diversity, equity and inclusion as well as student voice.

Woke Women

Our School Outreach Coordinator, Cierra Gamble, at Todd Beamer High School, created a girls group called “Woke Women.” The group is an outlet for the young ladies to share their stories and experiences of being a women in today’s world, and lean on each other as they navigate life as a high school female.

Circle of 7 illustrated women's faces each distinctly different nationalities. Text at the bottom reads human.

LatinX Heritage Month

Latina, latino Heritage Month in bold colors.

LatinX Heritage month ran from September 15th through October 15th. Our School Outreach Coordinator, Supreme El-Bey, at Kilo Middle School planned the production of Kilo’s inaugural Latino Heritage Month assembly. The event was successful in showcasing Latin culture and highlighting the contributions of Latinx people to the world and American history in particular.

Black College Expo

Our School Outreach Coordinator, Gina Forest, at Todd Beamer High School, took two of her students to the Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) College Expo at Renton High School. The students left the college fair feeling inspired and excited about their future opportunities!

High School Gym filled with college information tables and students.

Ally Week

Safe zone laminated posters hanging on wall.

Our School Outreach Coordinator, Robert Daniel, at Lakota Middle School, celebrated Ally Week–a week dedicated to celebrating the presence and impact of people who are allies and supporters of the LGBTQ+ community. Robert wrote a lesson plan, that was delivered to every student at Lakota, about the 5 outstanding qualities of an ally and how Lakota students could become good allies for ALL students, including their LGBTQ+ friends.

College and Career

Our School Outreach Coordinators at Todd Beamer High School and Federal Way High School accompanied a few students at the College and Career Fair organized by Shyan Selah at the Federal Way Performing Arts and Events Center. Students received a lot of information about different college and career paths and a few of them won prizes!

Group of three students and Communities In Schools staff sitting in Events Center hallway. Picture was taken with cute puppy dog filter and added ears and noses on two of the students in the picture.
Student standing at College and Career Fair information table.

Basic Needs

Clothing closet with hanging jackets, folded shirts and shelves of shoes.

The Care Closet is up and running at TAF@Saghalie. CIS has been able to serve 30 students in the first month with clothing, shoes, school supplies, hygiene care, and even a heater. Two of our families recently moved from out of state and were able to get warm clothing and umbrellas to immediately adjust to the cold. Another teacher was able to get helmets for her students who she sees riding bikes to school. She was very happy to know her kids would be safe coming to school. Students have been a key part of the getting the closet up and running. They have volunteered every week to come in and organize, clean, and make the closet easily accessible.

Providing snacks for students is a great way to start building a relationship! Our School Outreach Coordinator Fatou Bah, at Tyee High School, had a student who came by her office daily for snacks but never said much otherwise. One day, she came by for a snack and opened up about all of the things she was struggling with outside of school. From there, Fatou was able to provide her with other resources such as bus passes and clothing, and Fatou now checks in on the student every day to see how she is doing and making sure she has what she needs to be successful!

Fatou standing in front of Tyee High School sign with her arms filled with boxes of snacks.

Volunteer Support

The Federal Way Adult Functional Core team volunteer daily at the Illahee Clothing Closet, so that it is organized and ready to meet family needs. The team has the closet open Mon-Thurs from 9:00 am-10:30 am for parents to drop by and pick up clothing and other supplies for their whole family. The closet is open to any family with students in the Federal Way School District.

Group of four students in blue polo shirts standing in front of racks of clothing.

Student Service

Stack of green, purple and orange backpacks laying across a table.

Our School Outreach Coordinator Cameron Enoch, at Sacajawea Middle School, experienced his office being left in disarray by students. School supplies were out of boxes, backpacks were laying all over the ground, and snack crumbs and wrappers not in the garbage. However, one of his students surprised Cameron by staying behind to completely clean and re-organize everything his classmates had messed up even though he had absolutely no part in creating the mess. Thank you to this student for being awesome even when no one is watching!

Food Rescue

We have a Food Rescue partnership with the Commons Mall that allows our School Outreach Coordinators to receive food from the vendors in the mall. Our students at our participating schools look forward to the special treat each week! This is a great way to feed hungry students while doing our part to reduce food waste.

Two students holding up hum bao buns with big smiles.

Student Success

Group of students standing around School Outreach Coordinator, Marcela, outside on brick walkway.

One student at Highline High School has had a rough start to her Senior year. She was having trouble with transportation to school and was dealing with family and home issues. Our School Outreach Coordinator, Marcela Arreola, was able to give her bus passes and light rail tickets so that she could get to school and has also been working with her to set goals for her final year of high school. Although she still dealing with a lot at home, she has navigated through the tough challenges the new school year has presented, and is prepared to tackle the rest of the school year!

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