School Outreach Coordinator Helps Improve Attendance

Our School Outreach Coordinator, Anthony Cryer, at Totem Middle School, is working to support Totem’s school-wide goal of 95% attendance.  Anthony helped put together an attendance team to assess and address the underlying issues to student attendance. The team implemented an incentive program to encourage students to have good attendance.  Any student at Totem who achieves at least 95% attendance each month is entered to win prizes. The prizes are located in the school’s trophy case for students to see, and each month there is a theme (Harry Potter, for example). Additionally, any student who falls under 90% attendance will receive individualized support from a Totem staff member to help resolve any barriers to attendance those students may be facing.

After several months of this program, Totem has seen positive results!  The overall school attendance went from 92% to 95%.  One student in particular, went from missing 35 days of school from September through October, to missing just four days once the program was implemented.  Similarly, another student went from missing 20 days, to not missing a single day!


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