Tier 1: School-Wide Services

Widely-available services and resources that are designed to foster a positive school climate and address school-level risk factors. They are short-term interventions that are provided on an as-needed basis, and are open to all students. Examples of tier 1 services include assemblies, college and career fairs, and anti-bullying programs.

Tier 2: Targeted Programs

Targeted case-managed services that are typically provided in a group setting to students with common needs. These services are long-term interventions and typically on-going throughout the school year. Examples of Tier 2 services include girl empowerment groups, Gay-Straight Alliance groups, and after-school academic tutoring.

Tier 3: Individualized Support

Intensive services directed toward the highest needs students who are case managed by a School Outreach Coordinator. These students receive services on a daily to weekly basis, and are tracked for progress in the areas of attendance, behavior and coursework. Examples of Tier 3 services include school-based mentoring, one-on-one crisis intervention, goal setting and monitoring, life skills building, credit retrieval, and social/emotional support.