Successful Students

Our work is best shared through the stories and images of our students, and testimonials from others touched by the work we do. We invite you to click on a box below… and be inspired. If you have a story or a comment about how Communities In Schools made a difference in your life, please share it with us.

Lakota Middle School Student Equipped with Skills to Succeed in High School

Josh, a student at Lakota Middle School, was referred to Robert Daniel, our School Outreach Coordinator, for low motivation to do his school work. In the past he had fallen behind in math and language arts classes because he had a tendency to give up on assignments…

One Caring Adult Makes a Difference

J.D. felt overwhelmed by all of the changes happening in his life all at once. It was easier for him to stay at home and not have to worry about school on top of everything else

Sixth Grader at Sequoyah Achieves Academic Goals

Honey, a sixth grader at Sequoyah Middle School, was struggling with her grades and sought the help of our School Outreach Coordinator, Alicia Vasey.  At the end of first semester, Honey wasn’t doing as well in her classes as she knew she could, especially in science, but…

Hope For The Future

“She has more confidence in herself and those around her. I’ve seen her go from being a very frustrated little girl with a lot of responsibility on her shoulders, to a maturing young woman who is excited for her future.”

Sacajawea Student Matures Into an Independent, Confident Leader

Ashley, an 8th grader at Sacajawea Middle School, first started working with our School Outreach Coordinator, Kimberly Foster, four years ago at Mirror Lake Elementary.  Ashley was having a hard time in fifth grade with her group of friends and wasn’t feeling confident in the classroom. She…

Mentor Story: Growing Up Together

“I look forward to a few years from now when I’ll be sitting in the stands of the Tacoma Dome watching them walk across the stage to collect their diploma—that will be my proudest moment as a mentor.”

TJHS Grad Persevered Through Many Obstacles

Irene Medina, graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School this year, an accomplishment that required overcoming many obstacles.  Irene referred herself to Communities In Schools during her sophomore year because she had been struggling with aggressive behavior, anger and depression; she had experienced deaths in her family; her…

CIS Alumni Determined to Help Youth Facing Similar Challenges

This past year, our School Outreach Coordinator, Kaitlin Thomas, at Federal Way High School worked with a Senior, Mikey, who was referred to her because he did not have food at home. Shortly thereafter, he became homeless and was living with his family in a motel in…