CIS Alumni Determined to Help Youth Facing Similar Challenges

This past year, our School Outreach Coordinator, Kaitlin Thomas, at Federal Way High School worked with a Senior, Mikey, who was referred to her because he did not have food at home. Shortly thereafter, he became homeless and was living with his family in a motel in Tacoma. Mikey was facing extreme barriers to success because of his family’s financial instability.

Our School Outreach Coordinator enrolled him in our weekend feeding program; provided him with clothing, school supplies, food during the holiday breaks, and gas cards; gave him referrals to housing resources; provided one-on-one social-emotional support; connected him with service learning opportunities; and helped him apply to college and for FAFSA.

Despite all of the challenges he was facing outside of school, Mikey maintained 95% attendance and graduated with almost straight A’s. He also received the Tom Murphy Inspirational Scholarship, which our School Outreach Coordinator nominated him for, for his resilience and perseverance.  Mikey is enrolled at Central Washington University, where he plans to study social services, because he wants to have a career working with youth and helping them through difficult situations, just like our School Outreach Coordinator helped him.