Sixth Grader at Sequoyah Achieves Academic Goals

Honey, a sixth grader at Sequoyah Middle School, was struggling with her grades and sought the help of our School Outreach Coordinator, Alicia Vasey.  At the end of first semester, Honey wasn’t doing as well in her classes as she knew she could, especially in science, but was unsure how to go about making improvements.  Being a new 6th grader, Honey felt unprepared for the demands of middle school, and was admittedly unorganized.  She was also having a hard time concentrating and found herself easily distracted in class.

In order to get Honey back on track in her classes, Alicia helped her set a few SMART goals, and together they made a plan for success.  Honey’s biggest concern was in Science, where she was failing, so most of her goals centered around working with her science teacher and making up assignments she had missed.  Honey visited Alicia during her elective classes and after school to work on her missing assignments and her organizational skills. Alicia showed her how to check her grades and missing assignments online and worked with her to track when her current assignments were due.  In working one-on-one with Alicia, Honey discovered that being away from other students helped her be less distracted and she was able to complete her work on-time.  In addition to the academic support, Honey was matched with a Mentor in March to provide further one-on-one support and encouragement.

Many of Honey’s teachers expressed how happy they were with her progress, and were happy to let her out of class to work on assignments with Alicia. By the end of the 2016-2017 school year, Honey improved her grade in Science from and F to a B, and had a much easier time managing her schoolwork. With such a dramatic shift in her grades, Honey is more motivated than ever to do well in school! In the future, Honey hopes to become a Veterinarian.