Adriana, an 8th grader at TAF@Saghalie was referred to our School Outreach Coordinator, Kimberly Foster, because of her low attendance and things that were going on at home that affected her performance at school. She had missed a lot of days, and as a new student, had yet to find her place at the school. She was struggling to balance what was happening at home, with the expectations from her teachers, and trying to fit in with her peers.

Her teachers Groups of students standing on the grass outside of the school.noticed that she was a smart, capable and caring student who just seemed to miss a lot of days of school. To help alleviate some of the barriers she was facing, Kimberly connected Adriana with the BAG program to send food home on the weekends. Kimberly would also check in often to make sure she was at school and to see how her day was going and if she needed anything.

Adrianna’s attendance improved and Kimberly started to notice that Adriana was checking in with her more often. The two were constantly in conversation about after school activities, enrichment events and fun things she could be a part of at school. Adriana even gained a supportive group of friends and her mood went from being heavy with a lot of things on her mind, to more happy and light hearted throughout the day.

Kimberly connected with Adriana’s counselor to consider options for high school next year that would work for her and her home situation. The conversations they had about high school gave Adriana a lot of options to think about and choose from as she decides where to enroll next year.

By the end of the year, Adriana showed up to school with smiles and joy and was genuinely excited to take on high school and set up her next chapter of success. Adrianna has always been mature, respectful, incredibly responsible and easy going. She is helpful, caring, and very selfless. In working with Communities In Schools, she was able to let those traits shine through just a little stronger and see that someone will be there on the days you just can’t do it all. Kimberly was truly able to walk alongside Adriana through some struggles, celebrate her victories, and just be a genuine fan of her success.