Enrichment and Motivation

Before, during, and after school programs give students experiences that can help prepare them for life after high school. Our School Outreach Coordinators work together to find and create programs that combine education with fun, hands-on experiences. These programs are particularly valuable to students whose families don’t have access to resources or cannot afford extracurricular programs available in the community.

Field Trips

Each year, our School Outreach Coordinators plan relevant field trips to provide additional career exploration, experiential learning, and leadership opportunities, as well as opportunities to connect with cultural, gender, and racial identity, for their students who wouldn’t typically be afforded the opportunity.

  • Expect More Become More Conference: Expect More, Become More (EMBM) is a male student of color conference, at the University of Washington, that celebrates the futures of young men by addressing their educational barriers and networking these students with professionals who were once boys like them. The goal of the conference is to encourage these young men to require more out of themselves and aspire to become more than the generation before.
  • YELL (Young Educated Ladies Leading) Summit: YELL is a young women of color conference, at Highline College, with the mission to empower and motivate our young women of color to excel in academics and to accept nothing less than excellence from themselves. Students learn to highlight their achievements in spite of the obstacles and barriers that they face.
  • Black and Brown Summit: Young men of color conference, at Highline College, with the mission to empower and motivate our Black and Brown young men to excel in academics and to accept nothing less than excellence from self.
  • Polynesian Day: “Poly Day”, at the University of Washington, is a celebration of the Polynesian culture that showcases authentic Polynesian and Pacific Islander music, dance and regalia from the islands. Students participate in workshops featuring keynote speakers that cover the university admissions process and Polynesian history. The event aims to voice the presence of a lively and active Pacific Islander community on campus and motivate younger generations of Pacific Islanders to pursue higher education at the UW.
  • First Time Fliers: Museum of Flight’s First Time Fliers provides introductory, 15-minute rides in small aircraft to girls ages 8-17 to promote interest aviation, space, and STEM professions.
  • Expanding Your Horizons: EYH conferences are half-day seminars held separately for middle school and high school girls at Bellevue College featuring a choice of three hands-on workshops presented by women who have careers in areas based on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).
  • UPRISE Education Summit: A conference that brings together Pacific Islander High school students, their families, and school staff for critical thinking, knowledge building, problem solving about the unique needs that P.I students have so they can be successful in school.

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Student Clubs/Groups

Our School Outreach Coordinators identify gaps in student opportunities and use their unique skills and talents to run/coordinate student groups and clubs at their schools, to provide students with enriching activities that help keep them engaged in school.

  • Girls Group: Girl empowerment groups, ran by School Outreach Coordinators at several schools, use a strengths-based approach to reduce relational aggression among girls, build self-efficacy, gain critical awareness, learn leadership skills, build self-confidence, and strengthen communication and relationship building skills.
  • Lunch Bunch: Lunch Bunch is a friendship group and/or academic focused lunchtime group ran by several School Outreach Coordinators.  During lunch, students come to meet new people, play games, work on academics, and learn about each other. The Lunch Bunch groups either work to identify students who may have trouble finding their place in the school, and welcomes them into their safe space to be themselves and grow new friendships, or are focused on building academic skills and completing school work.
  • Pacific Islander Club: Some School Outreach Coordinators oversee the Pacific Islander Clubs at their schools. The clubs explore Pacific Island history, foods and culture, and prepare traditional dances and songs of Island culture to be able to showcase during events throughout the year.
  • Gay-Straight Alliance: The School Outreach Coordinators at Totem, Lakota, SequoyahKilo Middle Schools oversee the GSA at their schools. GSA is a student-run club which provides a safe place for students to meet, support each other, talk about issues related to sexual orientation and gender identity and expression, and work to end homophobia and transphobia.
  • Chemistry in the Kitchen: The School Outreach Coordinator at Lakota Middle School runs the “Chemistry in the Kitchen” Club after school, for students to learn science and math related concepts while also learning how to cook.
  • Boys Legacy Group: The School Outreach Coordinator at Saghalie Middle School runs the Boys Legacy Group, which provides a safe environment for the young men to discuss some of the most common issues and challenges that school presents. Some of the topics of discussion are: age-appropriate social behavior, problem solving, self-esteem and impulse control. Group members build their leadership skills while learning ways to effectively deal with these issues in healthy and productive ways.

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Service Learning

School Outreach Coordinators find opportunities for student groups to participate in service learning which integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen their community.

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