Before, during, and after school programs give students experiences that can help prepare them for life after high school. Our School Outreach Coordinators work together to find and create programs that combine education with fun, hands-on experiences. These programs are particularly valuable to students whose families don’t have access to resources or cannot afford extracurricular programs available in the community.

Field Trips

Each year, our School Outreach Coordinators plan relevant field trips to provide additional career exploration, experiential learning, and leadership opportunities, as well as opportunities to connect with cultural, gender, and racial identity, for their students who wouldn’t typically be afforded the opportunity.

Student Clubs/Groups

Our School Outreach Coordinators identify gaps in student opportunities and use their unique skills and talents to run/coordinate student groups and clubs at their schools, to provide students with enriching activities that help keep them engaged in school.

Service Learning

School Outreach Coordinators find opportunities for student groups to participate in service learning which integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen their community.