School-Based Mentoring Program

Communities In Schools of Federal Way mentoring program recruits volunteer mentors from our community and matches them with a student who could benefit from having a consistent, caring adult role-model in their life.  Mentors support young people through their formative years and provide guidance and encouragement through life’s challenges.  Mentor relationships provide stability when a student’s home or school life may be in turmoil, and are key to helping young people stay engaged in school.

Research shows that there is a mentoring gap among youth in America, as one in three young people grow up without this critical asset. For Federal Way, this means that currently 7,739 total students are potentially passing through our school system without ever having a consistent, enduring adult presence in their lives.

Since the start of our school-based volunteer mentoring program in 2006, Communities In Schools of Federal Way has matched over 500 students with a caring adult. Currently, 99 students participate in our mentoring program. While the commitment is only one school year, our average match duration is 3 years, with our longest matches having been together for 7 years!

One hour a week is all it takes to make a difference in the life of a child! For more information, please contact Program Manager, Jennifer Youngblood, at or 253.529.7440.